Last Resort AB is an independent skate shoe company founded by Polar Skate co bossman and Euro-skate legend, Pontus Alv.
Last Resort AB came a coupe of years ago to shake the world as the first independent skate shoe brand that sold out instantly on their first gobal release with their “Break Free” motto against corporate skateboarding and sport companies. This signed an unexpected success for the future of the brand, becoming an urban legend overnights. Today Last Resort, just as Polar Skate Co is on top of not only skateshops, but also high-end boutique’s lists.
In an era of internet hype and the resale madness, Last Resort AB is the secret code of coolness among skateboarders and street culture individuals. Seriously, the brand is getting bigger and bigger every season.
We at MOC are really happy and proud, that we have been an authorized Last Resort AB dealer since day 0.

Time to Break Free…